The owners of Kidztools Apps are Thomas and Els.

Thomas is a programmer by profession and Els has worked on Human Resources for over 10 years after her social works diploma. Thomas and Els are parents of 2 boys, the oldest of whom was diagnosed with (classic) autism at the age of three. To help him with various day-to-day matters, they started building apps that helped them and Wesse tremendously. They do not want to keep this knowledge and tools to themselves, but they have decided to share these with other parents through Kidztools Apps.


As an ICT worker, I have a love for digital work. Soon I found out that I could not find the right apps that matched the perception of a young child. Most apps were too complicated, aimed at older children or simply did not exist. So I decided to build them myself. And it worked! Wesse liked it and learned in a relaxed manner very important skills such as going to the bathroom and dressing himself.


Kidztools Apps comes from our own needs. Our eldest son has autism and when we wanted to help him become toilet-trained, Thomas came up with the idea to build an app for it. Instead of a row of pictos on paper, it became a row of pictos on the app, which Wesse could check off himself. And as icing on the cake: a video as a reward!
The app became a success at Wesse and professionals we spoke to were enthusiastic. More than a year later, we decided: let’s share these apps!
We wrote down all our ideas, set up a Facebook page and website and got to work. Kidztools Apps was born!