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Activity Switch

Before this app we had casual ‘fights’ almost every day.
When leaving the playground, when going to bed, when we had to be in the car.
Although we felt that we communicated very clearly, it was not clear to our son Wesse. For a while we walked with pictos in our pocket. We needed think in advance which pictos we needed and sometimes even put a red cross through it before we printed it.

This is how the app was created. It is one of our most downloaded apps.
We use it almost every day, watch the video to see how well it works.


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Getting Dressed

Learn your child how to dress without help. Every step is a piece of cloth.
The boy in the app also gets dressed, if you put your trousers on, he does it too!
What a fun way to learn!

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Pipi is THE potty training app you have to have!
This is our very first app that we used at home. A handy step-by-step plan for potty training. In this way your child can focus all attention on what is important (peeing) and it is not overwhelmed by what else is involved. The video is placed very conscious after peeing, when your child is still on the toilet. In this way there is a direct reward and at the same time your child has te change to fully empty his blatter.

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Wash Myself

With this app a child can wash himself carefully by just following the steps.
Our experience is that after having used the app for a while, the child can also wash himself without the visual support.

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Brush My Teeth

This app guides your child step-by-step from picking his toothbrush to flush his mouth. There is a movie-element, so your kid takes time to brush carefully.

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Ready 4 Bed

Going to bed can be a real stressful process. We use this app to guide the process. With 8 simple steps you and your child can have a relaxed time together.

Tip: choose a relaxed video and set the brightness of your screen as low as possible, this way your child can relax and drift of to sleep.

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Prepare 2 Sleep

A great way to get cosy, relaxed and ready to sleep in 8 simple steps.
This way you make a relaxed transition from day to night for your child.

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